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एक ही दिन में बनाया था दो को शिकार, पहले फाइनेंसर को फंसाया, फिर बनाया हैडकांस्टेबल को शिकार | Two were hunted in a single day, first implicated the financier, then made the head constable a victim


Shri Ganga NagarOne hour ago

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Dummy Pick. - Dainik Bhaskar

Dummy Pick.

Padampur Police on Sunday arrested two women who blackmailed them by making obscene videos on production warrant. A few days ago, both of them had hunted two people in a single day. He first implicated a financier. Called him on the pretext of repaying the money borrowed from him and made a pornographic video of him. About two hours after blackmailing him, both of them called a head constable home on the pretext and blackmailed him by making a similar obscene video. The police had arrested these women in the case of blackmailing the head constable recently. On Sunday, he was arrested in the case of financier blackmailing.


The financier was implicated like this
Financier Harmel Singh told in the case filed in this regard that he had lent two lakh rupees to the accused woman. Recently, the accused woman called him at home to pay Rs. There was another woman with him at home. Both started doing obscene acts with her. Harmel Singh told that the accused women took 31 thousand rupees out of his pocket and started demanding two lakh rupees from him. If he did not do so, he threatened to file a rape case.

Head constable was already arrested in blackmailing case
The day the accused women blackmailed Harmel Singh. After some time on the same day, a head constable of Padampur police station was also made a victim. When the head constable gave a complaint to the police in this regard, both the women were arrested. After completing the interrogation of both the women in this case, they were arrested again on Sunday in the Harmelsingh blackmail case.

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