पिता बोले- दोस्तों के साथ गया था, उन्हीं ने मर्डर किया | Father said - went with friends, they did the murder


Bharatpur19 minutes ago

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The body of a youth was found lying in unclaimed condition in the Halaina police station area of ​​Bharatpur. The body has been identified. The father of the deceased says that his son had gone to circumambulate Govardhan. His accomplices murdered him and threw the dead body in an unclaimed condition.

While registering the case, Mohan Meena, a resident of Kariri village in Karauli district, said that his son Saurabh along with his three friends had gone out to circumambulate Govardhan. But he did not return home till this morning. When Saurabh's family members called Saurabh, his phone was ringing but Saurabh's friend Jeetu, Mansingh's phones were getting switched off. On which Saurabh's family members set out to find their son.

Relatives of Saurabh got information from social media that police have found an unclaimed body in Halaina police station area. Saurabh's relatives reached Halaina and saw the dead body, then it was Saurabh's dead body. Saurabh's family members have given a complaint at Halaina police station that Saurabh's accomplices murdered him and threw the body in an unclaimed condition. Therefore, the killers of Saurabh should be arrested and punished. Saurabh's friends are also residents of Kariri village.

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