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दिनो-दिन बढ़ रहे संक्रमित मरीज, सैपलिंग व वैक्सीनेशन की रफ्तार धीमी | rajasthan barmer covid patients increase, slowing the pace of sapling and vaccination


barmer42 minutes ago

Health worker taking samples at Barmer district headquarters.

Corona infection is increasing continuously in Barmer. For the last 11 days, 2-3 corona infected patients are coming out daily. In the month of July, 25 infected patients of corona have come to the fore. The number of active cases increased to 15. At the same time, the Health Department is appealing to the people to apply masks and be alert. On Monday, 4 corona infected patients have appeared. At the same time, the positivity rate remains 11.76 percent.

According to CMHO Dr. Babulal Vishnoi, the corona examination of 34 suspected patients was done on Monday. Out of this, 4 infected patients have come out. Two have come infected from Barmer city, 1 Dhorimanna and 1 Chauhatan. All being systematically kept in home isolation. Here even in the midst of increasing cases of corona, the Health Department has given instructions to increase the sampling.

Vaccination speed slow

The pace of corona vaccination is very slow since the corona infection has reduced. At the same time, people have also stopped applying masks. Corona infection is increasing from the first day of July. But health is not able to increase the pace of vaccination and sapling.

be wary

There is a need to be careful about corona infection. The infection has spread fatally in many countries. The number of corona infected patients is increasing continuously in the district for the last 11 days. One day 7 corona patients were found. At the same time, two-three patients are coming out every day. People should follow the Corona guide line.

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