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8 साल के भाई को ग्रामीणों ने बचाया, नहाने उतरे थे दोनों | Villagers rescued 8-year-old brother, both had come down to take a bath


Hanumangarh2 minutes ago

Two real brothers, aged 6 and 8, drowned in the canal in the junction police station area of ​​Hanumangarh district. Seeing the children drowning, a 6-year-old innocent drowned in the water.

According to the information, the brothers of 6 and 8 years old had gone to bathe in the canal near the industrial area of ​​Khunja. When they landed in the canal, both the children were washed away in the strong current. People nearby took out a child. But the other one went away. At present, the junction police with the help of the disaster management team has recovered the dead body of the deceased child. The second child has been ejected safely.

ASI Rohitash posted at Junction police station said that some children were reported to have drowned in the STG canal near Khunja. When the police reached the spot, the 8-year-old boy Ratna Putra Dombilal resident of Bihar Hall Industrial Area Junction was safely evacuated. At the same time, Ratna's younger brother Aryan (6) got swept away in the strong current. Whose body was recovered from the canal by the divers who arrived from the disaster management.

After the death of a 6-year-old child Aryan due to drowning in the canal, the family was in a bad condition by weeping. Ganpat Ram Barupal, the former sarpanch of Makassar, who reached the spot, demanded from the administration to install a grill on the banks of the canal and ban small children from bathing in the canal.

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