दो साल पहले मृतक के साथ करता था काम, पुलिस भीलवाड़ा लेकर आई | Rahul had absconded after killing, police caught from Indore in 24 hours


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Sanjay's body was found near the temple

In Bhilwara, the absconding accused Rahul Raigar was caught by the police in 24 hours in the murder of a grocery trader. Rahul had absconded after carrying out this incident. While chasing him, the police caught him from Indore. Police investigation has also revealed that Rahul used to work at businessman Sanjay's place. Two years ago, he left Sanjay's job. Rahul has been brought to Bhilwara on Thursday morning. Where he is being questioned about this whole incident. Along with this, for what reason this murder was done and interrogation is also being done with him and fellow kon.

Police arrested Rahul from Indore

Police arrested Rahul from Indore

Bhilwara Rural CO Ramchandra Chaudhary said that on Tuesday night, businessman Sanjay Somani was found in his car near the Bagleshwar Mahadev temple under Mangrop police station area. Whenever the merchant had left for home from Mangrop. At that time, a young man named Rahul Raigar, who worked in his shop earlier, was also with him. who was missing after the incident. The police chased him and arrested him from Indore. The police will reveal the entire incident on Thursday.

The deceased Sanjay was the owner of the wholesale shop in Mangrop

The deceased Sanjay was the owner of the wholesale shop in Mangrop

The businessman was alive even after being stabbed

It is being told that he was alive after the knife case to businessman Sanjay. And with his car, he reached near Bageshwar Mahadev temple. There he called the priest with his voice. And he had also told the name of Rahul to the priest.

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