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गांव के तीन और कॉलेज के दो लोगों पर किया हमला, ट्रैक्युलाइज कर किया कंट्रोल | Three people of the village and two from the college were attacked, tracked and controlled


Jaipur20 minutes ago

Panic spread in the Chandwaji area of ​​Jaipur due to the attack of Lepad late in the night. People kept sitting at the doors of their homes with the windows closed so that no coating could come. Lapar, who entered Dhani, attacked five people one by one. After that, when there was a noise, Lapad fled and entered the building of Apex University. There also a person was attacked. Later, around 8 in the morning, after a lot of effort, Lapar could be brought under control. He was taken to the forest department. But after the orgy created by Lapad, three people have been admitted to SMS in a very serious condition. Two others are being treated at private level.

First attack on the family sleeping in Dhani
At around 2.30 pm, a family sleeping in Motuka Bas Dhani was attacked by Lapar. Husband wife and a child of about ten years were sleeping in the family. On the shoulder of the child, the lapad put a tooth and a paw. After that, when the mother and father came there while saving the son, Lapad attacked both of them. He chewed his father's hand badly. Bones cracked. The mother also hit her head and paw on the beaten, due to which the mother was also badly injured. After that, when there was noise, Lapad entered the nearby Apex University building. There the watchman was sleeping, he was also attacked by Lapad and during this time another person was also attacked by Lapad. In all, five people were fatally attacked. After which three were admitted in SMS.

Traculization took place on the campus of Apex University

After the noise in the village, Lapad entered the building. Where he roamed in university classes. He didn't get a chance to get out. After the villagers made noise, the police and forest department team reached the spot and after a lot of effort, it was brought under control. Later, Forest Department officials have reached the zoo with Lapar. Lapar's treatment will also be done here.

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