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सोते समय ममेरे भाई ने की गलत हरकत, चिल्लाने पर पकड़ने आए भाई को धक्का देकर भागा | My brother did the wrong thing while sleeping, pushed the brother who came to catch him when he shouted and ran away


JaipurOne hour ago

My brother molested a minor sister in Kardhani area. (demo pic)

My brother in Jaipur molested his 15 year old sister. The minor was sexually assaulted while sleeping at night. When the brother came to apprehend him on making noise, the accused cousin ran away from the house by pushing him. The victim has lodged a report at Kardhani police station. A report has been registered under the POCSO Act. SHO Banwari Lal Meena is investigating the matter.

SI Rajendra Yadav told that a 15-year-old girl resident of Khorabisal Kardhani has filed a report. It was told in the report that 23-year-old maternal brother had come to his house. Her parents went to the wedding on Tuesday night. He was sleeping with his younger sister on the bed and his cousin on the floor below in the room. The elder brother was in his downstairs room. At around 1 o'clock in the night, my maternal brother got up and molested her while she was sleeping.

When she suddenly woke up, she screamed at my brother's wrongdoing. Hearing the sound of screaming, the brother sleeping in the room below came running. The miscreant tried to catch my brother, but he pushed and ran away from the house. On the arrival of the relatives, the victim narrated the ordeal. After reaching Kardhani police station with angry relatives, the victim lodged a case against the maternal brother.

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