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बुलानी पड़ी दो और कंपनियां, ब्लॉक को-ऑर्डिनेटर के इंटरव्यू | Hundreds of job seekers came, two more companies had to be called


Alwar19 minutes ago

Youth applying in District Employment Office.

The picture of unemployment has become grim. Hundreds of young men and women reached the District Employment Office of Alwar on Wednesday for 9 posts with a salary of 10 thousand rupees. Where interviews were conducted for 9 posts. Information was issued only by the National Anti-Corruption and Anti-Atrocities Human Rights National Tiger Force Trust, New Delhi that block wise coordinators would be installed through them. There are only 9 posts in the district.

95% graduate

For the post of coordinator, the qualification is also necessary to pass the graduation exam and pass the RSCIT computer certificate course. Despite this, more than 50 unemployed came from each block. In which many MA, engineering and other degree holders were also involved.

Crowd outside the interview room in the employment office.

Crowd outside the interview room in the employment office.

called two companies

A day earlier, the District Employment Officer had feared that only one coordinator would be installed in one block by the National Tiger Force Trust for Anti-Corruption and Anti-Atrocities Human Rights, New Delhi. Unemployed can come more. Due to this, two-three more companies were called. so that they can be selected. Here the youth have also been selected by the Security Services. At the same time, applications have also been taken to become an agent of LIC.

pregnant women too

Young men and women were involved in this race to get a job of Rs 10,000. One or two pregnant women were also present. Most of them came for interviews to become co-ordinators. Block wise interviews have been conducted. District Employment Officer Shyamlal Satoliya said that the co-ordinator posts are only 9. Unemployed came more. For this reason, two or three other companies were called so that the coming youth could get maximum employment.

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