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निर्माणाधीन मकान में एलीवेशन की अलग छत गिरी, मौत ही खींच के लाई थी | Elevation's separate roof fell in the house under construction, death itself was dragged


Banswara21 minutes ago

SDRF team taking out the body of a laborer buried under the rubble on the first floor of the house under construction.

The debris of a balcony built for elevation on the roof of the under-construction house fell on the worker on Wednesday morning. He died on the spot, while the laborer was accompanied by his uncle, whose leg was fractured. The laborer was opening the plate under the roof of the balcony with his uncle. Then the accident happened and the balcony of three and a half by 20 square feet came down suddenly. After the accident, the relatives of the deceased gathered there, who continued to create a ruckus about the death even after 6 hours. Here, a large number of people gathered on the spot. The police had to struggle here to maintain peace. The matter is of Shergarh town of Anandpuri police station.

Dead body of a laborer trapped on the roof of the house under construction.

Dead body of a laborer trapped on the roof of the house under construction.

Anandpuri police station in-charge CI Dilipsingh Charan said that Babu Siddharaj Labana of Moti Timbi School of Education Department is building a house on Bagidaura-Menadungar road of Shergarh here. After the construction of the ground floor and the first floor, a roof of about 3 and a half by 20 feet was put separately for the elevation, which was far below the average ceiling height. On the behest of the contractor, Velari resident Manilal (45) son Valji Katara and Dhana (48) son Veerji Katara had gone to open the terrace. He was taking out the plate. Then the roof of the elevated balcony fell on Manilal. He died on the spot, while Dhana's leg was fractured.

A crowd of people gathered at the accident site and the police present.

A crowd of people gathered at the accident site and the police present.

SDRF team took out the dead body
After the incident, laborers and contractors tried to clear the debris of the roof. When not successful, the police called the SDRF team from Banswara. The team raised the debris of the roof by placing a jack. After this the worker could be pulled out from the side. Here, after the incident, the family members reached the spot, where the death penalty started with 30 lakhs. After three o'clock in the afternoon, the matter appeared to be resolved at 3 lakhs, although the agreement was still not reached. The police did not say anything about the death, but appeared in a hurry to conduct the post-mortem today itself.
death had brought
On gathering information, it was found that the work of the house is going on for about 6 months. The brother-in-law of the deceased Manilal has taken the contract for construction of the house. But, till now Manilal never came to the house work. The laborers named Manilal, Dhana and Prakash came to work for the first time. As soon as he arrived, he went to remove the plates of the ceiling with the elevation. Then the accident happened. Manilal has three daughters and two sons. The eldest son is 12th pass, whose age is 17 years. The youngest son's age is 7 years. Manilal was the sole bread earner in his family.

Contents : Laxmi Kalal (Gangadtalai)

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