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कुम्हरला बालाजी मंदिर के पास दिखा जोड़ा, लोगों की लगी भीड़ | Couple seen near Kumharla Balaji temple, crowd of people


Bundi36 minutes ago

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The pair of Nag-Nagin became a matter of curiosity for the people in the field of maize near Kumharla Balaji temple on National Highway 148 in Bundi. A crowd of villagers gathered on seeing the pair of snakes making a ruckus.

At first, seeing two snakes together, there was a stir. Then a crowd of people started gathering after seeing the pranks of snakes. This pair of snakes kept playing with each other for hours. After this these snakes went towards the forest. Some youths made photos and videos of the couple in their mobiles.

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