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मौसेरी बहिनें ट्रेन में बैठकर छबड़ा के लिए निकली, नींद लगने पर गुना पहुंची,शिकायत होने पर खुद थाने पहुंची | Rajasthan kota 2 girls left home after being interrupted by mobile, Railway Colony Police Station, Chhabra


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Two cousin sisters from the Railway Colony police station area of ​​the city left the house after being interrupted by the family for running the mobile. Sitting in both the train, Chhabra left to go to her relative's place. But due to sleep, both the Guna (MP) reached. Here the family members lodged a missing complaint in the police station. When both of them came to know about this, she came from Guna to Kota. And went straight to the police station. The police produced both before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). From where they got temporary shelter.

Child Welfare Committee President Kaneez Fatma said that a 16-year-old minor studies in 9th. She lives in Chhabra. On June 28, she had come to Kota to stay with her aunt. His aunt's daughter (15) used to be busy with mobile at both the houses. Because of this, the aunt reprimanded both of them. Both of them were interrupted from operating the mobile and asked to concentrate in studies. Angered by this, both the cousin sisters left the house at 10 o'clock on the night of July 8 and reached the railway station.

In counseling, the minor (16) told that she sat at the station till 12 o'clock in the night and then called her fiancé. And told about the arrival of Chhabra. Meanwhile, his cousin sister (15) called his brother who spoke his mouth and called him to the station. Then all three sat in the train and left for Chhabra. The minor told that due to sleepiness, he could not get down in Chhabra. and reached Guna (MP). The family told about registering a missing person on the phone. After which returned back to Kota on the second day.

Kaneez Fatma told that the girls refused to go with their families. Both have been given shelter in Nanta temporary shelter home. Medical and 164 statements are to be made. Counseling is being done for the girls.

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