लोहे के सरियों से तोड़ा ताला, CCTV कैमरे पड़े हैं खराब | Lock broken with iron bars, CCTV cameras are lying damaged


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The thieves wiped out the donation box of the famous Chavo Veero temple of Bagad. By breaking the donation box, he crossed the amount kept in it. The thieves took the donation box and took it to the roof of the temple. There he took out the money by breaking it with an iron rod.

Bagad Police Officer Shravan Kumar told that Ramswaroop Sharma, co-managing of the trust, had information about the theft of the donation box. On information, the spot was inspected.

Ramswaroop Sharma, co-manager of the trust, told that late night the priest of the temple had informed that the donation box was not in his place. The donation box was lying broken on the roof of the temple. The money kept in it was missing.

The information of which was given in Bagad police station. Ramswaroop said that the construction work is going on in the temple premises for the last few days. Due to which the CCTV of the temple is closed.

SHO Shravan Kumar said that a case has been registered against unknown people. Is being investigated. The theft could not be caught on CCTV as the CCTV was turned off.

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