70 करोड़ की हेरोइन भेजी, काला गुलाब जैसे कोड वर्ड | Sent heroin worth 70 crores, code words like black roses

70 करोड़ की हेरोइन भेजी, काला गुलाब जैसे कोड वर्ड | Sent heroin worth 70 crores, code words like black roses


SriganganagarOne hour agoAuthor: Jaynarayan Purohit

Heroin is now being supplied in the border areas adjoining Rajasthan. This heroin is coming from Pakistan in the border areas. For this he has used drones. Smuggling has been increasing continuously since last few months. The methods of drug smuggling from Pakistan have also changed. Earlier, where heroin was supplied through pipes from across the border, now heroin is being smuggled through drones.

In the last about two and a half months, heroin worth more than 700 million has been caught on the Pakistan border adjoining Sri Ganganagar. In these cases, smugglers are targeting farmers. Not only this, different code words have also been given for the supply. Let the farmers smartly engage in this smuggling game. They are paid about one lakh rupees per packet. In return, they have to keep these packets of smuggled heroin in their fields.

Heroin recovered in Srikaranpur area.

Heroin recovered in Srikaranpur area.

Heroin worth more than 70 crores caught in two and a half months

  • April 14: Four kg heroin worth Rs 20 crore caught in Binjore village of Anupgarh
  • June 1: 5 kg heroin worth Rs 25 crore caught in 12 FA village of Shrikaranpur
  • June 7: 3 kg 640 grams of heroin worth Rs 17 crores caught in Gajsinghpur sector of Shrikaranpur
  • June 27: Two kg heroin worth Rs 10 crore caught in village 2 FC Mukan of Shrikaranpur
Heroin found in Mukun area of ​​Shrikaranpur.

Heroin found in Mukun area of ​​Shrikaranpur.

Earlier the pipe was used, now the drone has become a means
Smugglers have also become hi-tech now. Smugglers used to use pipes till about two years ago. Heroin smugglers of Pakistan used to put a wide pipe from across the border into our area and through it heroin was delivered here. Such pipes were caught in the area till about two and a half to three years ago, but now for a long time, smugglers have started using drones. Now they directly drop heroin packets in the area through drones and contact the farmers here.

Smugglers caught in Srikaranpur area recently.

Smugglers caught in Srikaranpur area recently.

Carries 4 kg of weight, the drone operates from a distance of 4 km
The drones with which this heroin is being thrown across the Indian border can only carry a weight of up to four kilos. They are not even known when they are away from the border. According to BSF sources, on approaching, there is a slight sound like a fan blowing. It would not have been possible to stop it in such a low voice. The BSF jawan also usually keeps an eye on the front but he is less able to keep an eye on the top. As soon as it hits the target, the drone does its work and returns to the Pakistani border.

Also, they are operated from three to four kilometers away. Usually from behind Pakistan Army Post. In such a situation, smuggling towards Pakistan also cannot be detected.

These codes are used

In all this case - in front of such shop, black rose and some other words are used which have nothing to do with smuggling. Heroin is delivered on telling the prescribed word and the accused take it towards Punjab.

BSF is making action plan

BSF is considering to develop anti-drone technology on the border. Preparations have also been made for this. Companies working in this field have been contacted. At the same time, the police also need to improve their technology.

crimes committed in the greed of money
SP Anand Sharma says that farmers are committing crimes in the greed of money. By luring the farmers of the border area, packets are being put in their fields. In lieu of these packets, they are given one lakh rupees per packet.

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