पढ़ाई करते आया आइडिया, कॉलेज में शुरू किया ट्रायल, अब लाखों की कमाई | Idea came while studying, trial started in college, now earning millions

पढ़ाई करते आया आइडिया, कॉलेज में शुरू किया ट्रायल, अब लाखों की कमाई | Idea came while studying, trial started in college, now earning millions


quota29 minutes agoAuthor Nitin Sharma

Farming in the air without soil… It must be surprising to hear that, but two 21-year-old students have done such a wonderful thing. It started with a small room and experiment.

When this experiment of both the students was successful, they started mushroom cultivation. Earning a profit of lakhs of rupees in just one year.

Yashraj Sahu and Rahul Meena, 21, residents of Kota's Borkheda and Rang Talab, are friends. Yash Raj tried this technique with 10 bags in 2017 even before admission to the college. When I took admission in Kota Agriculture University in 2018, I met with Rahul here. After this, both started working on the project of mushroom cultivation.

Along with doing B.Sc Agriculture, he decided to do mushroom cultivation instead of job and after training he started mushroom farming on a small scale in the vacant place at home.

Now both together have opened the laboratory for preparing mushroom seeds. Both their degrees were completed in 2022 itself. Now they have made it their profession and are earning lakhs of rupees in one time crop.

Providing training to farmers
Both the youth told that he himself is giving training to farmers along with farming. He said that till now 30 to 35 farmers have been trained. Many of these people are also those who are wanting to leave the job of IT sector and do mushroom cultivation. Along with this, a lab has also been made to prepare its own seeds. So that the mushroom seeds do not have to be brought from outside. They also provide assistance to the farmers from preparing the structure till the harvest. Not only this, he is ready to buy the goods himself from the farmers.

Mushroom cultivation is done in the air
Yash Raj Sahu and Rahul told that mushroom cultivation is done in the air. The special thing is that it does not even require farm or soil. Anyone can grow mushrooms in their own home. It can be easily cultivated in the vacant room, hut or vacant place of the house. Wheat straw and seeds are needed for mushroom cultivation. It can be cultivated throughout the year. The special thing is that the rope is hung in the structure prepared for this and bags are prepared and hung on them. Income is twice as much as it costs.

Powder sold with flowers
Both the friends are producing all the three mushroom flowers, powder and seeds. One thousand kg of flowers are produced from 500 bags. But, when making dry powder, 10 kg of flowers make 1 kg of powder. One can earn up to one lakh rupees by making powder of a crop coming in two months.

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