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50 करोड़ की जमीन हड़पने का आरोप,CBI जांच की मांग | Alleged land grab of 50 crores, demand for CBI investigation


Sikar18 minutes ago

The Katrathal resident family staged a sit-in at the collectorate for two hours.

The family of Katrathal village staged a sit-in for two hours outside the Sikar Collectorate today. The family has accused PCC chief Govind Singh Dotasara and some others of grabbing their land worth Rs 50 crore. In the matter, the family has given a memorandum to DM Avichal Chaturvedi, demanding that a case be registered with the police and a CBI inquiry.

Vimlesh Devi Khichad, a resident of Katrathal, Sikar, told that the university has 11.50 bighas of land in her Katrathal. Whose market value is 50 crores. This land was gifted by his father-in-law Mohanlal Khichad to his grandson Hardam. which was not legally correct. In such a situation, the neighbor Rakesh had got him signed behind the SP office in Sikar in the name of getting the buffalo loan on the land. After this, Rakesh along with some associates including Shishram, Sultan took a loan of one crore 70 lakhs on that land. By getting overdue, Rakesh and his associates showed the fear of bank attachment. Not even Re 1 of the loan amount was given to Hardam or Vimlesh's husband Mahipal. Rakesh and his accomplices took Hardam and Mahipal to the house of PCC Chief Dotasara. Where Dotasara talked about getting the land in his name for a few days. After which the accused got the land made in the names of some people including Dotasara's daughter-in-law Monika, Bhadwasi resident of Sheeshram and Manoj Arya, resident of Kudli. Vimlesh alleges that these people also sold soil worth ₹ 1 crore from the land. Not a single rupee of which was given to them. Vimlesh says that when she went to Dotasara's house, she was threatened there. In this case, the family of Vimlesh has given a memorandum to the District Collector and demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter that came to the police to register a case.

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