18 घंटे गोली मारने की धमकी देता रहा जवान ; समझाने आ रहे थे पिता; पत्नी और 8 साल की बेटी के सामने खुद को | The jawan kept threatening to shoot for 18 hours; Father was coming to explain; Himself in front of wife and 8 year old daughter

18 घंटे गोली मारने की धमकी देता रहा जवान ; समझाने आ रहे थे पिता; पत्नी और 8 साल की बेटी के सामने खुद को | The jawan kept threatening to shoot for 18 hours; Father was coming to explain; Himself in front of wife and 8 year old daughter


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  • The Jawan Kept Threatening To Shoot For 18 Hours; Father Was Coming To Explain; Himself In Front Of Wife And 8 Year Old Daughter

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The last picture - before the suicide, the king wore a uniform, also made a video.  CRPF jawan made many allegations against seniors including harassment, not giving leave, last words to father - I am saddened... - Dainik Bhaskar

The last picture - before the suicide, the king wore a uniform, also made a video. CRPF jawan made many allegations including harassment on seniors, not giving leave, last words to father - I am saddened ...

Jawan Naresh Jat (38), who was firing himself hostage with his family at the CRPF training center, shot himself after 18 hours at around 11:30 am on Monday. He died on the spot. Naresh accused the seniors of harassing and not giving leave. When Naresh shot himself, IG Vikram Sehgal had already arrived from Jaipur. Father was also standing downstairs, but no one could explain to him.

The incident was going on since Sunday evening. Locking himself in the quarter along with his family, Naresh fired 8 aerial shots. The wife kept on explaining, said - if the king loses his job, he will do farming, agree. But the king did not listen, he kept saying don't come near me. He put on the uniform and went into the room and fired the INSAS rifle under his chin. The bullet went through his head. During this his wife and daughter were there.

When there was a sudden explosion, everyone got worried. The screams of the wife and the child shook everyone. The wife took the gun from the injured Naresh's hand and threw it down from the balcony. When the police arrived running, the king was lying on the ground covered in blood. Old father Likhmaram was shocked to see his son covered in blood in his uniform. The body was handed over to the relatives after post-mortem. At the same time, the father also made allegations of torture against the officers.

The IG also spoke to him on the phone and reached Jodhpur from Jaipur. As soon as the IG arrived at around 11 in the morning. He and Naresh's father reached the premises to go inside, when he opened fire with a gun on the chin.

Father said - son was calling, did not let go

Naresh's father Likhmaram said that when he talked to Naresh at 8 am on Monday, he said – why didn't you go home? Sending daughter Kanishka down. Come upstairs with him and bring milk. Called at 8:10 am and told that the door has been locked from outside. Father said – are not sending me. He said, I will signal, I will send you. When the father asked to open the lock, the officials asked him to wait for the IG to come. IG arrived and announced through loudspeaker that I have come. He said this and Naresh shot himself. Read on page 3 - DIG scolded on phone

The wife kept saying - if the job goes away, we will do farming, but the king did not agree.

The efforts of CRPF, police, family members to neutralize the Jawan Naresh turned into mourning. Naresh had frequent fights with his senior colleagues regarding duty. Despite being with the family at the Peace Time Station, he would be sent for duty in other cities. He was angry with the system and the seniors for such behavior and complaints. He chose this path to protest the continuing disciplinary action. Based on the conversation with the CRPF, police officers present on the spot, Bhaskar recreated the entire incident-

1. Lying INSAS Rifle Lee

Naresh got the INSAS rifle issued in the name of sentry duty from the armory on Sunday evening. Despite the refusal, carrying the rifle reached the flat on the fourth floor. Wife Urmila locked herself in the house with the child. Coming to the balcony, started firing after 5 pm. Alleging misbehavior with him, DIG Bhupendrakumar and seniors were held responsible.

2. Consultation on the phone till late at night

In the night itself, father reached Likhmaram with a friend from the village. Keep on talking on the phone. Many times he would switch off the phone, then turn it on and threaten to take revenge from the seniors. He had fired 8 rounds till late in the night. When his friends and father started coming home, he threatened to shoot. All the people were two-three hundred meters away from the residential complex out of fear. Police Commissioner Ravidutt Gaur was also talking.

3. Before the father explained

He was not agreeing to surrender till late at night. His and wife's phone got switched off. On Monday morning, insisted on calling IG Vikram Sehgal. Sehgal left for Jodhpur, talking to him continuously from Jaipur. They arrived at 12 noon. They began to explain to his father Likhmaram on the mike, when he fired the rifle by keeping the point of the rifle on the chin.

The wife of the jawan who had committed suicide earlier also accused
Jawan Sandeep Giri in 2019 and SI Vikas Singh have also committed suicide here in December 2021. Vikas's wife Kavita has made serious allegations against the officers of the department. At the same time, former DCP Amrita Duhan told that efforts went on throughout the night to convince Naresh. His wife Urmila also explained that if the job is lost, then he will take up farming. Father, brother and others were also explaining. At the same time, the police commissioner said that it is a matter of investigation that what he was angry about.

Father of Jawan Naresh, who committed suicide, told the whole incident to Bhaskar

Jawan Naresh's father Likhmaram narrating the entire incident said that it was around 6:30 pm on Sunday. I got a call from my son's office. He said that Naresh has locked himself in the room along with his family. The constable came from Shivpura in Pali at 7 pm and asked him to go to Jodhpur. Suddenly my hands and feet swelled due to panic. After this I reached Jodhpur at around 8.15 hrs. I had a conversation with Naresh at 8:25 pm. Then he objected to my coming. Said - why have you come? It's a matter of our department. The same night at 8:40 pm, there was a talk with Urmila (25), the wife of Naresh. He told that he is upset for two-three days. Office people are annoying. Then the father said - it is night, we will go home in the morning. At 10 pm, Naresh switched off his phone. When I spoke to Naresh at 8 in the morning, he said that why are you sitting outside, why didn't you go home. He said that I am sending daughter Kanishka down. Come upstairs with him and bring milk. At 8:10 am on Monday, Naresh called his father and told that the door was locked from outside. The father said - he is not sending him. Then he said that I point from the balcony. Will send you up The father pleaded to go upstairs. When asked to open the lock, the officers asked to wait for the arrival of the IG. Arrived at IG on Monday morning at 11:15 am. At 11:30 IG announced through loudspeaker that I have come. you wanted to meet me He said this and the sound of bullets came. Naresh shot himself when the IG arrived.

The DIG reprimanded the young king on the phone, said - considers himself a punk, come back and take out your arrogance

The phone conversation of Jawan Naresh with the DIG has also gone viral on social media. In this, the DIG is reprimanding Naresh and calling him a goon, he is talking about removing the heck. Excerpts from the conversation...

Jawan - Jai Hind Sir, Constable Naresh is speaking.

DIG - Where are you? Jawan - Now the car has come to Sir Nokha.

DIG - Come back wherever you are, meet me directly. Young - Mr.

DIG - What happened over there? Jawan - A little quarrel between me and the guard commander.

DIG - What happened? Jawan - Went out, the guard commander came at 9.30 pm. When I asked for entry, the sahib said that why do you inquire so much. Also abused So you became me.

DIG - Well and? Young - nothing more.

DIG - You consider yourself a big punk. Young - No sir.

DIG - No sir's children, now you come back. I'll tell you. Do you consider yourself a punk? Young - No sir.

DIG - Quietly you go on the bus and do whatever you want. Get ready to go home. Jawan - No, I get down at the next station.

DIG - Now will not even allow you to enter. Go there and see. Now come here carefully. I have told. Young - Yes.

DIG - Aaja, now I take out your arrogance. Young - Mr.

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