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पहाड़ियों पर चले झरने, शहर में जगह-जगह पानी भरने से लोग बेहाल | Waterfalls run on the hills, people are suffering due to water filling in the city


SirohiOne hour ago

Due to the torrential rains that hit the Sirohi district headquarters on Thursday morning, people continued to be troubled by water logging at many places in the city.

Light rain continued at Sirohi District Headquarters since Thursday morning, but torrential downpours from 11 am to 11:30 pm engulfed the city. Due to this heavy rain, the weather got cold, due to which the weather became pleasant. At the same time, people continued to get upset due to rain water filling places in the city.

Due to heavy rains in Sirohi city for about half an hour, the common man had to face a lot of trouble and problems due to water logging in many places in the city. The most pathetic situation happened on the road behind the Kotwali. The dirty water from the drain reached inside the houses of the people. Due to this, the people of the street had to face a lot of problems. As usual, this time again the water was filled between the Sarjavav Gate to the Jail intersection. Due to this, pedestrians suffered the most. At many places in the city, small vehicles were seen getting stopped due to rain water. The springs of the hills of Sarneshwar ji, Matara Mataji, Ambeshwar ji started flowing. Many people have started arriving from around to enjoy bathing in the rainy spring.

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