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​​​​​​​टीशर्ट फाड़ फंदा बनाया, मारपीट से तंग आकर पत्नी गई थी पीहर | T-shirt was made a noose, fed up with the beating, the wife went to Pehar


Banswara28 minutes ago

Doctor doing health checkup of husband found hanging outside emergency.

The young man, who went to take the angry wife to the in-laws' house, made a noose of T-shirt there and swung from the tree. The wife took him to the hospital without delay. Now the condition of the young man is out of danger. A day earlier, the young man had gone to Matasula village to pick up his wife. The wife, fed up with the assault, had gone to his side eight days ago. When the husband went to pick him up, he refused to come along. The father-in-law read the writing and said to send the daughter. Angered by this, the young man started swinging from a noose 50 meters away from his in-laws' house. Then the children who were grazing goats saw the young man doing this and shouted. Then the wife and Pehar's men ran to the spot. Somehow, the young man was brought down from the noose and brought here by Mahatma Gandhi to the district hospital.

The family carrying the young man to the emergency on a stretcher.

The family carrying the young man to the emergency on a stretcher.

Chanda Ninama told that about 8 years ago, Ishwar's son Kalu Ninama, resident of Nawakheda, had brought him away. After his marriage with God, he had two sons. Just 8 days ago, God beat him up. Tired of the day-to-day humiliation, she went to Pehar. In the meantime, when God came to pick her up, Chanda's father told her to send the girl. Angered by this, God tore the T-shirt and made a noose. At the same time, 50 meters away from the in-laws' house, hanged from a tree. Immediately took him off the noose and brought him to the hospital. Now his condition is out of danger. Explain that God is basically a farmer. He had also gone to the in-laws' house with his sister's husband. Later, he sent his brother-in-law to the house and told himself to go to the aunt's house. After the brother-in-law left, the young man decided to hang on the noose.

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