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घर छोड़ने के बहाने कार में किया रेप, अश्लील वीडियो बनाकर किया ब्लैकमेल | Rape done in car on the pretext of leaving home, blackmailed by making obscene video


Jaipur20 minutes ago

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Three youths gang-raped the woman in Shastri area.  (demo pic) - Dainik Bhaskar

Three youths gang-raped the woman in Shastri area. (demo pic)

A case of gang-rape has come to light with a woman in Jaipur. Three youths gang-raped in the car and made obscene video. The accused kept raping her repeatedly by blackmailing and threatening her. The victim has registered a case against the accused in Shastri Nagar police station. The police have started investigation after getting the victim's medical done on Wednesday.

SHO Dilip Singh said that a 32-year-old woman resident of Salempur Dausa has registered a case. In January 2021, she had come to see her mother-in-law at Jaipur Hospital to see a doctor. After showing the mother-in-law in the hospital, she left to go back to the village alone. In the meantime, Dr. Mukesh alias Kanhaiya Lal, Munim Gurjar and Kapil, residents of the village, met him. Asking him to leave the village, made him sit in the car.

It is alleged that the three acquaintances gang-raped her in the car. During the rape, the accused also made obscene videos. He was thrown there from the car in a secluded place. Threatened to make the obscene video viral, asked to keep quiet. The accused raped her several times by threatening to make the obscene video viral. Distraught, the victim went to the police station and lodged a case against the accused.

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