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तिरपाल को चाकूओं से फाड़कर चलते ट्रक से सामान पिकअप में डालते | rajasthan barmer Tear off the tarpaulin with knives and put the goods in the pickup from the moving truck


barmer30 minutes ago

Thieves who steal in a vicious way caught by the police.

The Sindhri Police of Barmer district has busted an inter-state gang of viciously stealing goods from a truck moving on the mega-highway. Two accused were arrested and seized the Bolero pickup and Swift car used in theft. Police are looking for other accomplices. The thieves, playing on their lives with the bonnet of the pickup vehicle, climbed back into the moving truck and escaped by stealing.

According to Sindhri Police Officer Surendra Chaudhary, a team was constituted at the police station level and monitored to catch the thieves who were viciously stealing from trucks moving on the mega highway. With the help of informer and cyber team, Indra Ram's son Rasaram Bhil and Ilam Khan's son Janu Khan, both residents of Meetha Ka Tala Chauhtan, were arrested from village Sada Sindhari. During interrogation, he has confessed to stealing the goods from inside by cutting the tarpaulin of the vehicle with knives by putting a pickup vehicle behind the truck moving on the mega highway. The police produced the accused in the court. Has been sent on police remand for 4 days.

slyly theft

Vicious thieves put a Bolero pickup car behind the trucks going on the mega highway at night and used to climb on the bonnet by turning off the lights of the vehicle. The truck driver doesn't even notice it. They used to steal oil, soap, rice, wheat by cutting the tarpaulin with a knife. When the truck driver stopped at the hotel and checked, he would come to know that the theft had taken place from the back of the truck.

Search continues for absconding accused

According to the police, during interrogation of the two accused, it has come to the fore that the gang used to steal goods from vehicles moving on different highways in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Along with them the names of Kiran Kumar, Deva and two other residents of Banaskantha Gujarat have come up. Police is on a hunt to nab these accused.

7 theft incidents in four months

The gang stole 11 cartons of refined oil between Ramji's Gol Gudamalani on February 25, 44 cartons of refined soybean on May 18 between Bhatala-Sindhri. On May 29, 85 cartons of refined oil were stolen on the mega highway between Sindhri to Bhuka Bhagat Singh. On 26 May stole 70 cartons of oil from Sindhari to Bhuka Bhagat Singh, on 30 June stole 70 cartons of Emami Agro Refined between Nagar-Sada, on 7 July stole 30 chalices from Gudamalani area, on 8 July stole from Saada to Payala. Stole 22 cartons of beach soap.

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