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गुलाबी नगरी तैयारी शिव अराधना के लिए,सुबह से ही मंदिरों में जलाभिषेक के लिए भक्तों की लगी लम्बी कतार | Pink city is preparing for Shiva worship, since morning there is a long queue of devotees for Jalabhishek in the temples.


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  • Pink City Is Preparing For Shiva Worship, Since Morning There Is A Long Queue Of Devotees For Jalabhishek In The Temples.

Jaipur29 minutes ago

From today the favorite month of Mahashiv, Shravan month has started. The whole city is standing outside temples for Shiva worship and Jalabhishek. Devotees will be able to perform Jalabhishek, rituals without restrictions in about 1 thousand Shiva temples of Jaipur.
This time there will be four Monday fasts in 29 days. First Monday will come on 18th July. The second Monday will be on 25th July. Third Monday will be on 1st August and last fourth Monday will be 8th August. At the same time, it is expected to do Shravan Poornama on 12 August.
After two years, Shiva is about to see the enthusiasm and gaiety of the devotees.

Due to Corona, Shiva devotees were neither able to see Shiva in the temples nor Jalabhishek in these holy days. After two years, the enthusiasm and devotion of the devotees is also at its peak. This time the innocent devotees will be able to perform other rituals including Jalabhishek, worship and worship without permission. In the midst of the echo of Bum-Bam Bhole, devotees will wish for happiness, prosperity and peace in the state as well as good rains. Unmarried girls will keep a fast to get the best husband. Along with this, special flower decoration will be special in the temples. The city's largest Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Jhadkhand Mahadev Temple on Queens Road, Chakreshwar at Dudhmandi, Doubleshankar, Rojgareshwar Mahadev Temple and other small and big pagodas will see an influx of Shiva devotees from morning till evening.

Special attention was given to the cleanliness of the temples
In the Jhadkhand Mahadev temple including all the major pagodas of the city, lines have been prepared for darshan including cleanliness, color lacquering. Devotees will get entry through two lines. Along with this, special flowers will be adorned in Shiva temples every day in the month of Shravan. On the other hand, Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple is special in many ways. It was earlier known as Tadaknath. This Shivling is self-evident. Jyotishacharya P. Nilesh Shastri told that there is a law to recite Lord Bhole's Rudrabhishek, earthly worship, Shiva Sahasranama in Shravan. The reason why Lord Shiva is dear to the month of Shravan is also that Lord Shiva had incarnated on earth in the month of Shravan. On behalf of the Devasthan Department, on every Monday of Shravan, Rudrabhishek will be held in the temples of 44 big and small Bholenath in 33 districts of the state. During this, along with the wish of happiness, prosperity and peace in the state, good rain will be wished amidst the echo of Bum-Bam Bhole.

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