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सरकार ने स्कूलों में एसएमसी-एसडीएमसी काे किया मजबूत, एक्सपोजर विजिट का माैका | Government strengthens SMC-SDMC in schools, plans for exposure visits


Jaisalmer37 minutes ago

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For the purpose of strengthening the school infrastructure and educational reforms in the state, the government has now taken initiative to strengthen the SMC and SDMC committees of schools. So that the association of committee members with the school remains. The Education Department has now introduced a new provision to honor these two committees every year by giving awards at the block, district and state levels.

In which prize money of up to Rs.11 thousand will be given at the block level, Rs.51 thousand at the district level and up to Rs.1 lakh for the best at the state level. Apart from this, both the committees will also get a chance to visit the exposure from now on. In which the active members of the committee will be involved. Active members of the committees operating in 3825 secondary schools and 11872 higher secondary schools of the state will be selected for this visit. The purpose of this will be that they will be able to tell their remarkable works through the visit.

State-level visit: A committee will be formed under the chairmanship of the State Project Director, a committee of the districts will be selected by this committee and two active members will be selected from it. They will be made to visit the best committees of other states. State level cell team will be included in this visit. There is a provision of Rs 150 for this visit.

District level visit: The committee constituted under the chairmanship of CDEO will select the best two SMC, two SDMC from the committee of every block of the district. The members of the committees will be made to visit other districts. For this, there is a provision of Rs 1750 for each school. The activities done during the visit will be prepared on a color glazed paper booklet.

Block level visit: The best 3 SMC and 3 SDMC will be selected from the committee of every school coming in their area by the committee constituted under the chairmanship of CBSE. All the members will be made to visit the schools with the best committees of the block. A financial provision of Rs 2100 has been kept for each school for this visit.

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