रचनाकार में सामान्य में से खास ढूंढ़ने पर नजर रखने की जरूरत: डॉ. व्यास | The need to keep an eye on finding the special out of the common in the creator: Dr. Vyas


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The world is a fair of stories and stories. The narration of the eye and style of the catch gives a different identity to the author. In this era of artificial intelligence, both the cost and need of the story have increased. This quote was expressed by Dr. Hitesh Vyas, a writer who received Veer Durgadas Rathod Award and Rangeya Raghav Katha Award. Talking about storytelling on the second day of Barmer Lit Fest, Dr. Vyas taught the art of storytelling. While narrating his story in The Modern School, he said that life passes in almost the same way with all of us.

But the creator has that eye to see which finds the special in that ordinary also. Dr. Vyas said that stories teach all that is only in the syllabus of life. Answering the questions of the students, Dr. Vyas, the secretary of the literary organization Srijana, said that the writer and almost every artist does not get satisfaction until he creates completely by drowning.

Dr. Vyas explained from the many story stories of Einstein's life that scientists are also artists and artists are also scientists of their own world. Presiding over the program, senior litterateur Dr. Banshidhar Tate said that today mobile and virtual life is changing. It is literature in the race that makes you meet yourself.

Answering the questions of the girl students in the discussion session of Lit Fest, Dr. Tate said that writing is more than looking, so the visuals dissolve but the literature remains intact for centuries. Both the litterateurs were honored on this occasion by wearing shawls. Festival coordinator Rama Champawat told that today burning issues were discussed in a unique way in the turncoat.

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