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बादल फटने के 4 घंटे पहले अमरनाथ गुफा के पास थे 14 श्रद्धालु, वहां से निकल 6 किमी दूर गए तभी आ गया सैलाब | 4 hours before the cloudburst, there were 14 pilgrims near the Amarnath cave, went 6 km away from there, then the influx came


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  • 4 Hours Before The Cloudburst, There Were 14 Pilgrims Near The Amarnath Cave, Went 6 Km Away From There, Then The Influx Came

JaloreOne hour ago

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  • Bhaskar Khas Devotees who went on Amarnath Yatra from Jalore and Sumerpur told their ordeal from there.

Four days ago, there was a flood of water near the Amarnath cave at around 5:30 in the morning. About 4 hours before this, devotees of Jalore and Sumerpur had left from there. Which reached Gulbarga on Monday late evening. There are 14 devotees in the batch. Raghu Rankawat, a resident of Chandrai from Gulbarga spoke to Dainik Bhaskar. He told that on Friday they were also near the Amarnath cave. The weather was bad since morning. Then it started raining heavily. In such a situation, the yatra was stopped from both Baltal and Pahalgaon side.

By noon the weather started getting worse. The rain stopped around 1:30 in the afternoon. When the rain stopped, we took our horses and headed towards Pahalgaon. From where Panchtari reached 6 km away. Then there was a flood of water near the Amarnath cave. The weather was very bad. So went to Panchtari Helipad. Helicopter facility not available. Then proceed with the horses only. Went to Gulberg on Monday. Devotees of Jalore-Sumerpur went on 6th July. He took a flight from Ahmedabad and reached Srinagar via Delhi, Amritsar. After reaching only 6 km from the cave, the cloud burst: Devotees told that they had covered 6 km from the Amarnath cave. Then the cloud burst from behind. Many tents were washed away. Deaths also occurred. Once upon a time on the information of the great tragedy, our hands and feet also swelled. It was lucky that he got out of there. Otherwise it would have been a big problem.

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