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महात्मा गांधी स्कूल बनने से बढ़ी परेशानी, अब करीब डेढ सौ स्टूडेंट्स को लेना होगा दूसरे स्कूल में प्रवेश | Difficulties increased due to the formation of Mahatma Gandhi School, now about 150 students will have to take admission in another school


Shri Ganga Nagar34 minutes ago

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Villagers protesting at the school in village Dullapur Keri.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Villagers protesting at the school in village Dullapur Keri.

Recently, the state government had announced to start Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School in village Dullapur Keri of the district. Due to this the happiness of the villagers knew no bounds and they felt that now their children would be able to study in the English medium government school. His happiness completely disappeared when only a prescribed number of students were admitted in the school after being English medium. About four hundred students were studying in the school in the last session. Now after the formation of Mahatma Gandhi School, only 255 of them have been given admission in the school. The parents of the remaining 150 students have started preparing for the movement.

Parents expressed anger
The parents of the students who were denied admission due to converting the government school of the village to Mahatma Gandhi English Medium and now not getting admission to all the students in it, expressed their anger on Tuesday. They surrounded the school. They said that the state government has declared the school as English medium. In this 400 children of classes 1 to 8 were studying. Out of these, 255 children have been given admission in English medium. The remaining students will have to go to other schools outside the village for studies. Which is a problem for both the students and their parents. Villagers also submitted a memorandum in the name of DEO to Principal Mukand Singh. The villagers of Dullapur Keri said that either all the children should be admitted in English medium or the same school should be run in two shifts.

warning of movement
The villagers said that if their words were not taken into account, then on July 15, the school would be cordoned off and locked down. He said that if the government did not pay heed to him, the students would face trouble. Principal Mukund Singh has also given information about the problems of the villagers along with the memorandum sent to the DEO.

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