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दशहरे मेले की तैयारियों में जुटा निगम, समस्याओं को लेकर मेला व्यापार संघ के प्रतिनिधि पहुंचे | Corporation engaged in preparations for Dussehra fair, fair trade union representatives arrived regarding the problems


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  • Corporation Engaged In Preparations For Dussehra Fair, Fair Trade Union Representatives Arrived Regarding The Problems

quotaOne hour ago

The representatives of the fair trade union reached the municipal corporation regarding the problems

Dussehra fair will be filled after 2 years in Kota. After Ganesh worship, the Municipal Corporation has intensified its preparations. This time there are two municipal corporations in Kota, jointly Kota Municipal Corporation will organize South and North fairs. In such a situation, on Tuesday, the representatives of both the fair trade union met the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation and demanded a solution, giving information about the problems faced in the fair every year.

The traders expressed their views including simplifying the process of allotment of shops, reducing allotment fees, problems of light and water. Mayors Rajiv Agarwal and Manju Mehra assured that whatever solution is possible will be done after talking to the officials. Due to Corona in Kota, the fair was not being organized on Dussehra for 2 years. Kota's fair Dussehra lasts for 1 month, which is of national fame. In such a situation, this time the Municipal Corporation is making efforts to fill the fair in a grand manner.

Mayor Rajiv Aggarwal said that meetings are being held with the officials continuously regarding this. Along with finalizing the program, discussions are also taking place about which artists to call. He said that efforts would be made to preserve the historicity of the national fair Dussehra. A budget fair of more than 7 crores is going to be held for Dussehra. The same thing is also coming out that this time there can be online auction for the shops to be set up in the fair Dussehra Ground. So that there is transparency in the allocation of shops.

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