नाकाबंदी तोड़ भागा कार चालक, पुलिस ने किया 40 किलोमीटर तक पीछा | The car driver ran after breaking the blockade, the police chased for 40 kilometers


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A friend who was carrying another car was also caught in the possession of the police who stole from Nashik.  - Dainik Bhaskar

A friend who was carrying another car was also caught in the possession of the police who stole from Nashik.

A car running away after breaking the blockade was chased by the police for 40 kms. After being caught by the police, it was found that the car was stolen from Nashik, Maharashtra. During this, the vehicle was repeatedly cut or taken over the divider in a filmy manner. Meanwhile, the other car driver and the stolen car were seized. The matter is of Sadar police station area.

SHO Vikram Singh Ranawat told that a blockade was being done on the Bhandaria culvert. Meanwhile, the Fortuner car was seen coming from the side of Nimbahera-Kota road. When he signaled to stop, the car driver took the car over the divider and started going towards Udaipur. The police also followed the car. The car driver again started moving towards Bhilwara while turning the car through the cut of the divider. Seeing the police coming back, the driver once started moving his car towards Udaipur Road and Bhilwara Road. When he ran towards Rithola intersection and the police did not give up on him. But driving the wrong side from the cut made on the highway, dodging the police, the car driver reached Hajya Khedi culvert. Seeing the blockade of other police there, he returned towards Chittor and fled leaving the car near Deori. In all this, the police chased him for almost 40 kilometers.

Many number plates were kept in the car

SHO Ranawat said that when the vehicle was checked, the number plate of Gujarat was installed. Below the number plate were other number plates, which had the numbers of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Apart from this, some empty number plates were kept inside the car. This made the police suspicious. After a thorough search of the vehicle, the owner's check book, ATM card and some bills were kept. When inquired, it came to know that the vehicle was stolen from Nashik on July 9.

The police seized the second stolen car coming behind

Another car was stopped during the blockade. The car driver hit the barricades and left from the other side. The police chased and caught the car driver. On enquiry, he revealed his name as Babulal Bishnoi, son of Sanvlaram, a resident of Sanchore. When interrogated him, it was found that the driver of the Fortuner car who had fled, his name is Mukesh Khichad, a resident of Sanchore.

Both the cars were stolen, came out together from Nashik

The accused told that he had gone to Nashik on the call of Suresh Khileri, a resident of Sanchore. There he stole the i20 car and gave it to Sanlaram to drive and Suresh gave the stolen Fortuner car to Mukesh, after which Sanvlaram and Mukesh left together but due to Mukesh's speed, he overtook. When the police were chasing Suresh, Sanvlaram had seen everything. That's why he turned the car. After some time he was trying to go back and was caught during this time. The accused told that Suresh Khileri, living in many cities like Sanchore, Maharashtra, Gujarat, does the work of stealing four wheelers and sells them to those who do illegal work.

this was the team

ASI Surendra Singh, Bherulal, Head Constable Bhupendra Singh, Hiralal, Constable Hemvrit Singh, Surendra Pal, Bhajanlal, Deepak Kumar, Prabhu Lal, Prakash Chandra, Dilip Singh and Manohar Singh were involved in the action under the leadership of Police Officer Vikram Singh Ranawat. Head constable Bhupendra Singh and constable Sundarpal played a special role.

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