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परिवार कल्याण कार्यक्रम में फतेहपुर उप जिला अस्पताल प्रदेश में अव्वल | Fatehpur Sub District Hospital tops the state in family welfare program


Sikar2 hours ago

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SDH Fatehpur has done excellent work in the field of family welfare. Fatehpur Upazila Hospital has topped in the state. Additional CMHO Dr. Harshal Chaudhary said that on Monday, those who have done excellent work in the field of family welfare will be honored.

Fatehpur will be given a check of Rs 2 lakh. Village Panchayat Arnia, Radhakishanpura, Dookia, Ajitgarh, Mandela, Rampura Khandela, Khinwasar, Kachhwa, Basdi Khurd, Hasampur, Kankara, Chidasara 50-50 thousand, Hemant Kataria, surgeon of Neemkathana district hospital who performed the most sterilization in the district, Rs. . The check will be awarded. CHC Thoi, PHC Deepawas will be given a check of 50-50 thousand rupees.

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