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जनजाति क्षेत्रिय विकास विभाग द्वारा रेलमगरा, देलवाडा व खमनोर में जनजाति वर्ग के बच्चों के लिए 21 मां-बाडी केन्द्र स्वीकृत । | The Tribal Area Development Department has approved 21 mother-body centers for tribal children in Railmagra, Delvada and Khamnor.


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Dr CP Joshi Speaker of the Assembly.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Dr CP Joshi Speaker of the Assembly.

The Maa-Badi Center approved by the Commissioner, Tribal Regional Development Department, Udaipur from the year 2017-18 to 2021-22, due to local reasons, 59 Maa-Badi Kendras could not be started. After selecting the place for these centers, approval has been issued again, which is a great gift for the children of tribal areas. Out of which 21 Maa-Badi centers have been approved for Rajsamand district. After getting this gift, the children of the tribal class of the district will be able to get elementary education near their village.

A total of 21 Maa-Badi Kendras will start in Khamnor, Delwara and Railmagra Panchayat Samiti of Rajsamand district. The list of mother-badi centers to be opened in Railmagra Panchayat Samiti is as follows. Bhil Basti, Karoliya, Village-Saddi, Akodia Ka Kheda, Bhil Basti Village-Saddi, Bhil Basti Shivpura Ladpacha Village- Ladpacha, Bhil Basti, Limdia Bavji Village-Gawardi, Bhil Basti Pula Khela Village-Sansera, Bhil Basti Telapura Village-Sansera .

The mother-body centers of Delvada Panchayat Samiti are as follows - Bhil Basti Damdi Village-Nedach, Valirope Talai Village-Peepalwas, Bhil Basti Village-Ghodaghati, Bhil Basti Futinadi Village-Negadia, Bhil Basti Talai Village-Ghodach, Bhil Basti Sangruniya Ka Guda Village-Kangamdar.

Thus in Khamnore Panchayat Samiti, Bhil Basti Dhekla Village-Kothwa, Bhil Basti Valra Village-Sema, Bhopa's Bhagal Village-Bhesakmed, Bhilwara Valley of Daboon Village-Sagroun, Chapra Bhil Basti Cama Village- Fatahpura, Helavali Nandakudika Bhilwara Village-Gavaguda, Bhilbasti Bamneta village – Madar of Jhalo, Bhagad village – Saloda of Bhil Basti Pipliakheda, Mathara village of Bhilbasti Wadi – Maa-Badi centers will be opened in Badabhanuja.

All these centers will be at a distance of 1 to 2 km from the village where only tribal children will be enrolled. And village education committee will be formed in the area with the consensus of the residents of the area, in which a public representative will also be included.

The education worker will be selected unanimously by the Village Education Committee, who must be a native of Maa Badi Kendra. Here it is necessary that in the selection of education worker, preference should be given to the candidate of women and tribal category so that the child can easily connect with the education worker. The verification of all the selected Mobadi centers should be done by the concerned Block Education Officer and the concerned Panchayat Samiti.

According to the information, the above 21 Maa-Badi Anganwadi Centers have been opened again by marking new places with the efforts of Speaker and Nathdwara MLA Dr CP Joshi, so that the children of remote tribal areas are not deprived of education and education near their village. Get the atmosphere

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