धान की उन्नत किस्में

धान की उन्नत किस्में

 We are going to tell you the improved varieties of paddy giving the highest production  of paddy. In which we will talk about the duration of which variety.


  • It is a hybrid variety. Which gives us very good output.

  • Its production is available at the rate of 32 to 35 quintals per acre.

  • It is planted from 20th June to 15th July.

  • Its crop period becomes ready in 130 to 135 days.

  • Plants range in length from 90 to 95 cm.

  • And in this the stems are many and the stems of this paddy are strong and thick.

  • The quantity of clumps in paddy is high.

  • A seed nursery of 6 kg is sufficient for 1 acre of plantation.

  • The chances of getting fungus on this paddy are much less.


  • Its production is 28 to 30 quintals.

  • Its crop period becomes ready in 125 to 130 days.

  • It should be transplanted from June to July 15.

  • The length of its plants is around 95 to 105 centimeters.

  • The number of buds coming out in it is very high.

  • At the same time its stem is strong.

  • The grains are shiny and thick.

  • And it has less chance of getting fungus.


  • BAYER ARIZE 6741 It is ready in 115 to 120 days.

  • Its grain is thin and long.

  • Its production is 25 to 30 quintals per acre.

  • Its transplantation should be taken by the farmer brother from June 27 to July 17.

  • Method of preparing nursery If you want to prepare nursery for 1 acre plantation then 6 kg is enough for you.

  • If we get fungus in it, then there is less chance of getting fungus in it.

  • The buds come out well in it.

  • At the same time, its stem is strong.


  • BAYER ARIZE 6633 This crop is ready in 31 to 135 days.

  • Its grain is long and thin.

  • That is why we get very good production of it. Which is 30 to 35 quintals per acre.

  • To prepare a nursery for its 1 acre plantation, 6 kg seed is required in it.

  • And the buds come out good in it.

  • There is not that much encroachment of fungus in it.


  • BAYER ARIZE 6129 This crop gets ready in 110 to 120 days.

  • Its production is available at 28 to 30 quintals per acre.

  • It prepares nursery for 1 acre plantation. So 6 kg of seeds are required.

  • And it gets very good in production.

  • There is very little blast in it. It does not fall on or after the rain.

  • Because its height is less.

  • It is very tasty to eat.

seed treatment

It is very important to treat the seeds well before sowing of improved varieties of paddy. If you do not do this, then during the germination of paddy, fungus comes on it. So that the middle does not germinate well. And later on the crop starts drying up. To avoid this problem, it becomes very necessary to treat the seed.


CARBENDAZIM (Carbendazim) 

CARBENDAZIM (carbendazim) 25 grams can be used. per kg of seed to be treated 


VITAVAX (VITAVAX) 2 grams can be used. per kg seed to be treated


Time of sowing

Different SEEDS have different timings for sowing paddy. But when is the right time. It is believed to be from 15 June to 1 July. If paddy is heard at this time. So the farmer brothers get very good production.



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