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YouTube Studio is your home base for managing every detail of your YouTube channel. Post videos, pull analytics, get messages, and more. Tips for YouTube Creators. Start your Channel. Create What You Want.

The official YouTube Studio app is the best way for you to understand and connect with the people in your community using the device you always have with ...

Getting started on YouTube

We're here to help you share your videos with the world by connecting you to expert advice, insider tips and general good vibes, all designed for creators like you.

Create what you want, how you want

YouTube gives creators flexibility so that you can get started filming, sharing and finding your fandoms depending on the way you like to create.

The fastest way to get started

What can you create in 60 seconds or less? YouTube Shorts is the fun, easy way to create content for YouTube's billions of users. All you need is a mobile phone, your ideas and a little help from our tools.

Build a home for your videos

Start a new channel and start experimenting! Play around with different formats, create a hub for your fans and start building a long-term home for all your content.

Establish your voice

Before you post, think about what voice will define your channel. A good place to start is asking yourself what you're interested in, what unique story you're able to tell, and the viewers who will come along for the ride.

Customise your channel branding

What you choose for your channel name, icon banner and trailer are all what we'd call branding your channel. These decisions affect how your viewers recognise you and get to know your channel, and they're all easy to customise using our easy tools.

Get set up with a production plan

Before you press record, you'll want to have a few boxes ticked, from choosing the right equipment, to getting the lighting right and more. Choosing the right camera, microphone and even wardrobe can all make sure that filming is a success.

Make sure that your videos follow our rules

Our copyright and community guidelines exist to keep YouTube a fair and protected place for all Creators. Get familiar with these policies to make sure that what you're posting follows our rules and reaches your audience.

Getting your channel off the ground

Ok, so you've created amazing content. Now what? Here are some next steps for posting your videos, getting your first viewers, and planning ahead for how to grow your audience

“I didn't know much about editing or filming when I started, but learned along the way by being consistent and creating content that reflects who I am.”

Upload in YouTube Studio

Creator Studio is home base for creators. This is where you'll post, add metadata, pull analytics, get messages from YouTube, and more. It's also where you can track your progress towards eligibility in the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP).

Use the Studio mobile app to manage your channel on the go. It's useful for things like checking your stats, responding to comments, and publishing and managing your videos from your phone.

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