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इंटर्नशिप का प्रमाण पत्र नहीं देने पर अधिकारी को कट्‌टा दिखा कर जान से मारने की धमकी | Threatening to kill the officer by showing him a knife for not giving the certificate of internship


Dholpur28 minutes ago

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A case of abusing and threatening to kill a young man came to the office from the senior Babu posted as Senior Assistant Administrative Officer in the Senior Secondary School of the city and the Block President of the Union of Ministerial Employees Union has come to light. During the incident, the accused has been accused of tampering with government papers and tearing several papers along with carrying the intership certificates of the candidate teachers who have been training for B.Ed.

The victim's assistant administrative officer has given a complaint about the incident at the Kotwali police station. Police is doing research in the matter. Mahesh Awasthi, senior assistant administrative officer posted at Senior Secondary School Qila, said that he was sitting in his office on Thursday. Between 11 and 12 o'clock the accused youth, Rahul Singhal son Vinod Singhal, residing near the Watchtower School, came to him along with one or two others and asked him for the intership certificate of Shilpi Goyal, daughter Niwas Goyal, a resident of Hod Mohalla, who is doing B.Ed training. .

He said that bring the said candidate. Which will be signed. She hasn't come for 4 months. After that the certificate will be issued. He will also be given by the school principal. On this the accused Rahul Singhal got angry and got into a fight, he abused them in front of the staff and while pushing and tearing the government papers kept on the table. Forcibly keeping several certificates of intership in his bag, when he stopped, he ran away with a gun and threatened to shoot him when he got out. After the incident, the school staff and they informed the Principal Hariom Sikarwar about the matter, after which a report has been lodged against the accused Rahul Singhal son Vinod Singhal and others at Kotwali police station. Victim Assistant Administrative Officer Mahesh Awasthi says that the accused is a crook type of person. Who can attack them anytime. In such a situation, the police should take strict action and the accused should be arrested.

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