जरूरी कामकाज के बाद लौट रहे थे घर, सुखाड़िया मार्ग पर तिलकनगर के पास हुआ हादसा | Returning home after important work, accident happened near Tilaknagar on Sukhadia road


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The bike lying on the spot after the accident.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The bike lying on the spot after the accident.

A young man and a woman died due to electrocution near Tilak Nagar on Sukhadia Road in the city on Thursday afternoon. The deceased were brother-in-law among themselves. He was returning home on his bike after essential work. During this time, he shifted the bike to one side to avoid the pothole due to the rain water being filled on the road. During this, both of them got caught in the current. Both died on the spot in the accident. Later the bodies of both were kept in the mortuary of the government hospital.

The pole where the accident happened.

The pole where the accident happened.

such an accident
The accident happened in Ward Ward 49 Tilak Nagar. The roads in the city were inundated with water on Thursday due to the rain in the area. So it was not possible to see the road directly. The potholes on the road in the water were not visible. During this time, Manisha (35), wife Sanjay, resident of Guru Nanak Basti, along with her brother-in-law Anil (25) son Puranchand, had gone somewhere for urgent household work. While returning, both of them had reached near Tilak Nagar. To avoid the possibility of any pothole in the water on the nook connecting Tilak Nagar and Sukhadia Marg, Anil shifted the bike to one side and both got hit by the current coming in the pole. Both their hands touched the pillar and their bike fell on one side and both died on the spot.

rain caused accident
The rain in the area became the cause of the accident. Anil, who was riding a bike due to rain, turned the bike to one side in fear of a pothole in the road and during this time the current coming out of the pole caught him. The hands of both also touched the pillar. In such a situation, the current running in the pillar and the water accumulated on the road became the cause of death. Due to the water, both got hit by the current and they died.

Power off at the behest of people
Even after the death of both the brother-in-law, no one dared to go near them. Everyone was afraid of being hit by the current running in the water. Councilor Ashok Munjral, who reached the spot, told that when they reached the spot, the electricity had not been switched off. When I tried to contact the officers of Jodhpur Discom, they did not pick up the phone. Later, Munjral contacted a top officer of Jodhpur Discom with great difficulty, informed him about the accident and got the electricity switched off.

family working hard
The family of brother-in-law Anil and Manisha, who died in the accident, are hard workers. Arvind Jatav of Ward 57 told that the whole family feeds by working hard. On Thursday too, Anil was returning with his sister-in-law Manisha in connection with work. During this the accident happened. The deceased Manisha has four daughters. While her brother-in-law Anil is not married yet.

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