पत्नी व बच्चे के साथ खुद को घर में बंद किया, पुलिस अधिकारी पहुंचे | Locked himself in the house with wife and child


Jodhpur5 hours ago

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On Sunday, a jawan fired about 15 fires in the air at the CRPF Training Center in Jodhpur. The jawan has locked himself in the house along with his wife and child. Efforts are being made to understand him and get him out. Commissioner Ravidutt Gaur and CRPF DIG Bhupendra also reached the spot and are trying to convince the jawan.

CRPF jawan Naresh Jat has opened fire in the air. Naresh Jat has a home in the training center. He fired in the air from his house. It is being told that the jawan has done a total of 15 fires from his house. It is being told that Naresh had fired in the same air at the time of posting in Suratgarh.

Showing seriousness, Police Commissioner Ravidutt Gaur sent a team of officers to the spot as soon as the information was received. Even after ACP Rajendra Diwakar reached the spot, the jawan fired in the air. When the jawan did not agree, the commissioner himself reached the spot and tried to explain.

Naresh is a resident of Rajola in Pali district. Naresh's brother is a head constable. Here, Naresh's father has also been called from the village so that he can explain to the king. DCP Amrita is monitoring the matter. Efforts are on to resolve the matter by talking to the CRPF officials.

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