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प्रशासन शहरों के संग अभियान में मंत्री शाले मोहम्मद ने कहा- सबको मिलेगा मकान का पट्टा | In the campaign with the administration cities, Minister Shale Mohammad said - everyone will get the lease of the house


Jaisalmer9 minutes ago

Jaisalmer. Cabinet Minister Shale Mohamed distributing leases in the campaign with the administration cities.

In Jaisalmer, the second phase of the campaign with the administration cities was started by State Minority Affairs Minister Shale Mohammad. Many people took part in the camp organized in the Sabha Bhawan of Ward No 43 Babar Magra area. During this, Cabinet Minister Shale Mohammad told everyone that the government has given them so much laxity that now everyone will get the ownership of their house i.e. its lease. During this, the minister also distributed pattas to a total of 43 people. The city council chairman told all the people present there that everyone from the city to the raw settlement would definitely get their ownership rights. It is the dream of the government that no person should be deprived of the lease of his house. During this, Collector Tina Dabi and Commissioner Shashikant Sharma were present in the camp.

Distributed house leases to 43 people

During this, the Minority Affairs Minister distributed residential pattas with his own hands to 43 people of ward number 43 in the camp. Minister Shale Mohammad told the residents of the ward that in this phase, the state government has given relaxation in connection with the campaign camp with the cities so that more and more people get pattas. He directed the officials of the Municipal Council that they should do the work of giving 100 percent lease to the persons who are eligible in Babar Magra Kachchi Basti. He said that the poor person should not be deprived of taking a patta under any circumstances. He said that the state government has made a provision to issue pattas in the camp this time to the people who are settled in the kutchi basti till December 31, 2021 and are survey holders or have any proof of their living there. This government has given a big relief, so that more and more people can take advantage.

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