IG ने कहा यह ऑडियो मेरा नहीं, बोले कई बार बात हुई उससे मेरी, मान भी गया था लेकिन अचानक क्यों मार दी गोली समझ | IG said this audio is not mine, said I had talked to him many times, I had agreed but why suddenly I got shot

IG ने कहा यह ऑडियो मेरा नहीं, बोले कई बार बात हुई उससे मेरी, मान भी गया था लेकिन अचानक क्यों मार दी गोली समझ | IG said this audio is not mine, said I had talked to him many times, I had agreed but why suddenly I got shot


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CRPF IG Vikram Sehgal spoke to Jawan Naresh Jat thrice in a row on the 11th. The IG told that he was also satisfied with the matter. The IG said that last spoke to him around 11:35. He shared everything with me but why suddenly he shot is beyond comprehension. IG told that an audio has gone viral, it is not mine. He said that the audio with my photo is playing on social media, it is wrong. He told that this audio is of Assistant Commandant Chandan Singh. IG gave answers to many questions related to Naresh Jat's suicide case to Bhaskar.

Question- When did the last talk with Naresh happen?

answer- Talked two to three times on the 11th. Spoke very lovingly. He was listening to me too. I told that we will have lunch together. He was satisfied with what I said. He had said sir you come, I will put weapons in front of you. But suddenly he did not understand how he took this step. Officer Shriram Chandra was with me, he is a resident of Nagaur, he is from his area too, he was talking to him continuously. Last thing happened to him at 10:30 and said that I am coming.

Question- There is talk of torture of officers in this case, will action be taken against them?

Answer- Investigation will be done, research will be done, whatever facts will come out. Action will be taken on that. It is too early to say anything in this matter. There is a judicial system for this.

Question- Recently, more than three suicides are being reported at CRPF center, what is the reason?

Answer- The connection of all the three suicides is not the same. The paramilitary force is 80 years old. There are three and a half lakh jawans in this. And takes over the responsibility of the whole country. Social, personal and mental conditions can also be behind suicide.

In any paramilitary force, departmental inquiry in any case is part of an investigation. There was also a departmental inquiry going on in Naresh's case.

Question- Did not pick up the dead body from the relatives of the king, have made demands, did you talk?

answer- Yes it is information that the dead body has not been picked up. But I don't have any official message that he wants to talk. We are ready to talk since morning.

Question- What steps are being taken to reduce the mental stress of the jawans, and such incidents do not happen?

answerIf it is known in advance that the young man has mental stress, then he has counseling. Holidays are also given from time to time. and is allowed to live with family. First of all, two young people live together, so they get to know about each other. Then there are military conferences in which the officers interact with the soldiers. Apart from this, classes of Yoga, Meditation, Art of Living are also organized. Every effort is made that the jawans do not get stressed. But suddenly someone comes under stress like this, then it is tough to handle.

This thing came to the fore in the audio

The audio of Jawan Naresh that has surfaced is of a conversation with Assistant Commandant Chandan Singh. In that he starts crying bitterly while talking to the officer. The officer explains to him that you do not take such a step, it is your family. But the king says that now even if Brahma ji comes from above, he cannot stop me, so I have decided. The officer explains to him and says that I am coming to you. Then the king says if you do not come to me, then I will die. He also told the officer that I have been falsely accused of doing rifle coke. I have now heard the sound of rifle coke. What's wrong with me that made me sad. The officer said that there is talk for everything, it will be resolved through talks, nothing will happen like this. Naresh said that the DIG was threatening me that I will send you home without investigation, I have sent its audio to the group. She said that this Arjun J and Gaurav Manali bothered me a lot. Not even giving out pass.

The officer said that we are coming towards you without weapons. The solution will come through dialogue. If you find a solution by killing me, then do it. The king said that the door of my house will not open, sir, whoever opens the door will die. The officer said you talk to us, we will introduce you to the DIG. Naresh said that no one is getting introduced and kept standing for five days. Naresh said that I adore you a lot, you are paramount for me, I also believe in Meena sahib and I also believe in Pramod sahib but Arjun and Gaurav have come to Manali, it disturbs them. RTC Group I have shared the audio of the conversation with the DIG. Just see how he is talking. The officer said that whatever the problem is, it will be resolved through dialogue. Nothing has gone wrong. Naresh said everything has gone wrong. Now just this RTC should be closed. Now after the fire, you are listening to me, why didn't you listen earlier.

Naresh told the officer that I consider you paramount, he said that I was a soldier in the first week, had come to you many times to get the food checked. The officer said that you do a very good job and if there is life, then do not take any such step if the world is there. On this, the king said, my life has been spoiled, I request you not to call me and hang up the phone saying so much.

King's body did not lift

Naresh committed suicide by shooting himself at around 12 o'clock on Monday. But till now the dead body of Naresh has not been picked up by the relatives. The family members have lodged an FIR against the nominated officers. He has a 7-point demand. Naresh's father Likhmaram says that action should be taken against the nominated officers first and we will get the assurance of fulfilling the rest of the demands only then we will pick up the dead body. Here yesterday, Ralupa MP Hanuman Beniwal from Nagaur also reached the mortuary and while supporting the family members till the demands are not accepted, the dharna and agitation should go on for a long time.

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