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औषधि नियंत्रण संगठन ने की कार्रवाई, बिल और बैन दवाओं का बेचान मिला | Drug control organization took action, got endorsement of bill and ban drugs


Jhalawar5 hours ago

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In Jhalawar, Drug Control Officers Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Shivkant Sharma inspected the medical stores operating in the district. In this, irregularities have been found for buying and selling medicines in the absence of pharmacist, selling medicines without issuing bills, not maintaining bill books and records of Schedule H and H1 medicines.

Assistant Drug Controller, Hari Om Mehta said that the drug control officers inspected the medical stores of the district and sent the irregularities inspection report to the department, on which action was taken by the department for suspension as per rules. He informed that Shri Krishna Medical Store Jhalawar, Vishal Medical Store, Khanpur, Lakshmi Medical Store Panwar, Rohit Medical and General Store Panwar, B.C. Medical Store Jhalawar, B.C. Medical Store Jhalawar, Shree Hans Medical Store Aklera, Rajesh Pharma Jhalawar, Shree Dev Medical Store Tindhar, Ambe Medical Store Khanpur, Riza Medical Store Wheatkhedi, Mahishasur Mardani Enterprises Aklera, Arogya Medical Store Umaidpura, have been suspended for five days. .

Their suspension - Jaiswal Medical Store Manoharthana, Balaji Medical Store Asnawar, Pooja Medical Store Manoharthana, Jagjanani Pharma Jhalawar, Shivaay Pharma Bhawanimandi, Gunamala Medical Store Jhalawar for seven days, Relief Medical Store Jhalawar, Rathor Medical Store Jhalrapatan, Rathor Medical Agency to Jhalrapatan For three days, RV Pharmacy Jhalawar, Jhalawar Cooperative Consumer Wholesale Store Ltd. (Medical Shop) Bakani, Vikas Medical Store Aklera for four days, Madhav Medical Store Sunel and Anokh Medical Store Khanpur for 8 days and Gautam Medical Store Teendhar for 6 days.

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