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बारिश के दिनों में प्लास्टर गिरने से बच्चे और स्टाफ भयभीत | Children and staff frightened by falling plaster during rainy days


Dungarpur40 minutes ago

Out of 9 rooms in Government Secondary School, Phawata in Sagwara block, 8 rooms are in dilapidated condition. In these, plaster falls on rainy days.

The government is spending crores in the name of education. It is getting accolades by opening and upgrading new schools, but the condition is such that the buildings of government schools have become dilapidated, where teaching children sitting and teaching is not free from any danger. These halls belong to Fawta Government School in Sagwara block. The government did not pay any more attention to it since the school was upgraded to secondary. There are 9 rooms in this school up to class 10th, out of which 8 rooms are in a dilapidated condition. Children and staff are frightened by the falling of plaster during rainy days.

School Head Master Rameshchandra Yadav told that the department has demanded for the rooms. The school currently has 130 rolls and admissions are on. The school building is dilapidated. Plaster has come off from the ceiling of the school. So have come out. During the rainy season, the plaster of the roofs cracks and falls. Children have to be stopped by putting thorny bushes on the 6-room verandahs and on the way to and from. The condition of the remaining two rooms is also bad. There is a compulsion to sit and teach all the children of the school in just one room. Along with the teachers, there is always a fear among the children and parents from the dilapidated room.

The people of the village told that for the new rooms, from the MLA to the head and the officials of the education department, they were told dozens of times, but till date no hearing has taken place. Villagers told that dozens of students of gram panchayat area go to study obari 8 km away. If the department constructs new rooms, then the role of the children will also increase. Ramesh Kharadi of the village, SMC President Prakash Roth, Nanuram Nanoma, Prakash Katara, Basu, Gautam Dodiyar were present.

Source - Roshan Kalal

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