पत्नी के भाई व मां ने दी 9.51 लाख की फिरौती, 3 गिरफ्तार | rajasthan barmer younger kidnaped Wife's brother and mother paid ransom of 9.51 lakh, 3 arrested


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The police arrested the accused who hatched the kidnapping and ransom.

Barmer Kotwali police has disclosed the incident of kidnapping and assault of youth in broad daylight two days ago. Due to love marriage, the brother and mother of the kidnapped youth's wife had hatched a conspiracy and got them kidnapped and beaten up by paying a ransom of lakhs of rupees. The police have arrested the mother, brother and the accused who gave the ransom. The police is on the lookout for the kidnappers.

According to the police, Motisih son of Chutarsingh resident Laxmi Nagar had done love marriage in court a few years ago by Renu Chaudhary daughter Dev Kumar resident Indra Nagar. After this, due to enmity, Renu Chaudhary's brother Raj Kumar, son Dev Kumar, was caught and interrogated intensively. Raj Kumar along with his mother Kamaladevi hatched a conspiracy to kidnap the young man. Raj Kumar, along with his friend Hindu Singh son of Lakhsingh resident Mahabar, planned to kidnap Moti Singh and make him crippled for life by breaking his arms and legs.

According to DSP Anand Singh Rajuprohit, the police team has arrested Rajkumar son Dev Kumar, Kamala wife Devkumar resident of Indra Nagar and Mahabar resident Hindu Singh son Lakhsih resident of Mahabar. All three are being questioned. At the same time, search is on for Prithvi Singh and his associates.

9 lakh 51 thousand ransom

Mother Kamala and brother Rajkumar, together with Hindu Singh, settled a deal of 9 lakh 51 thousand rupees from Mahabar, resident of Prithvi Singh's son Ambasih. After giving the money, the Prithvi Singh gang kidnapped the young man, broke his hands and feet and threw him near the temple.

this was the case

On July 10, at 5 pm, Motisih's son Chutarsingh resident Laxmi Nagar was going towards the market from Rai Colony Road on a bike with his friend Nimb Singh. The Bolero, which came back at the five-light circle, hit the bike. Due to this both of them fell. 4-5 miscreants got down from the camper and took Moti Singh forcibly by putting the camper. The campers took them towards Derasar via Wheat Road. In the middle of the way, miscreants were beaten up with sticks and sticks. He also stabbed Hichki with a knife. Moti Singh's friends and police chased the camper. Leaving the village near Derasar and fled.

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