ड्राइवर से 1.32 लाख रुपये बरामद, चेयरमैन पति और ईओ भागे | Rs 1.32 lakh recovered from driver, chairman husband and EO run away


Bharatpur43 minutes ago

ACB raids the house of the Kaman chairman.

Jaipur ACB raided the house of the chairman of Kaman Municipality in Bharatpur district on Wednesday. ACB has recovered 1 lakh 32 thousand rupees from Hariya, the driver of Chairman Geeta Khandelwal. During the action, the city's EO Shyam Bihari Goyal and the chairman's husband Bhagwan Das Khandelwal escaped. This bribe was demanded in lieu of passing the bills of 50 lakhs of the construction company. At present, the ACB team is interrogating the chairman Geeta Khandelwal.

Karan Construction Company of Deeg town had built a road in Kaman town. After the construction of the road, the construction company had presented bills of 50 lakhs in the municipality. In lieu of passing the bill, a bribe of Rs 1 lakh 32 thousand was demanded from the construction company. On this the complainant complained to the ACB. In the investigation, the ACB found the matter true. After which, according to the instructions of the ACB, the contractor of the construction company reached the chairman's house with a bribe of Rs 1 lakh 32 thousand. Jaipur ACB raided as soon as the contractor gave the bribe amount to the chairman's driver.

Seeing the officers of ACB, both the husband of the chairman and the EO ran away. At the same time, the ACB officials caught the chairman's driver with the bribe amount. At present, ACB officials are questioning Chairman Geeta Khandelwal. It is being told that many officials of the municipality may have been found in the bribery scandal. This action has been taken under the leadership of Jaipur ACB Care Additional SP Vijender Singh Shekhawat.

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