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अपने ही पिता से फिरौती के मांगे 10 लाख, प्रेमी के साथ कोटा से पकड़ा | girl plotted kidnapping after seeing the crime patrol in jhalawar


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The police caught the young man and the girl in Kota and brought them to Jhalawar.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The police caught the young man and the girl in Kota and brought them to Jhalawar.

A girl studying in MA final year in Jhalawar, along with her lover, conspired to kidnap herself and escaped with her lover on a bike from outside the B.Ed college located on Jhalrapatan-Bhawanimandi road two days ago. Later, the girl took photographs of her with her face and hands tied and sent it to the father's mobile and demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh, due to which the family members were shocked. The girl's father reached the women's police station and lodged a report. The police did technical research and after finding their location, caught them both from Kota and brought them. Preliminary inquiries have revealed that they are neighbors in Sarola town and like each other. But the girl's family is not ready for marriage, so the girl along with her lover conspired to kidnap herself.

SP Richa Tomar said that Abdal Salam son Abdul Kasam, resident of Sarolakalan Tek Mohalla, gave a report to the women's police station, in which he told that he had brought his daughter to Darshan BEd College Bhawanimandi Road Jhalrapatan to get the MA final year paper, but after some time only On his mobile, a picture of his daughter's kidnap and a message of giving a ransom of Rs 10 lakh came. Mahila Police Station registered a case of kidnap and started the search for the girl. After checking the CCTV footage of Darshan College, it came to light that the girl did not go to the college room and went outside. It was learned from the informer that the girl had gone towards Kota on a bike with a young man. The police sent a team to Kota, which detained the accused Devendra Chaudhary. On his behest, the girl was also caught.

Kidnapping conspiracy hatched after seeing Crime Patrol
The girl and lover Devendra told the police that both are neighbors in the same village and had been in love with each other for about two years and wanted to get married, but the family members did not approve it. That's why the girl along with lover Devendra hatched a plan for her own kidnap. The girl thought that the father would not look for her in fear after seeing the picture of her kidnap and would not report to the police worrying about her life. In such a situation, both he and Devendra will get married in the court. After that both went to Kota. Both of them got this idea after watching Crime Patrol serial on TV and hatched a false kidnapping plot.

Appeared in the CCTV footage of the college
In search of the girl, she checked the CCTV footage of Darshan BEd College, then the girl was seen not going to the college room and going out. On this, the team came to know from technical assistance and informer information that the girl had gone to Kota with a young man on a bike. On this a team was sent to Kota.

The lover was already told that Patan is coming to give paper
During interrogation, the couple told that on July 7, at 11 am, the kidnapper had called her lover Devendra Singh and told that she was going to Darshan BEd College Jhalrapatan to give the paper. Meet outside the college at three o'clock. After that at around 1.30 pm, the girl and her friend along with the father came to give the paper on the bike. The father left both of them outside the gate and returned. The girl came out asking her friend to go to the toilet. Where Devendra was already waiting for him. She left on the bike with him. Devendra tied the girl's mouth and hands and took a photo and sent it to her father from mobile and demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh.

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